Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Merger update

I started this blog with a minor rant about mergers. It's time for a vague update!

Frankly, it's a delight to see a merger that doesn't suck. So far, our new overlords have been doing things mostly right. There's some minor confusion here and there on some specific issues, like the details of some new benefits programs, but the HR folks tend to get things sorted out fairly quickly. It's almost like someone read that first post here. Actually, some of the issues raised in that post stem from another merger/acquisition by the same company, so it's nice to see that they've learned a few lessons after the better part of a decade.

Personally, I'm pretty happy. There's a bit more to solve for my own personal situation, but all of the management and HR folks I deal with have been helpful and supportive.

It'll be good to get the deal closed, which should be in another week or two. That should allow all of us involved to get back to concentrating on actual work. There's certainly plenty of that!

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